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Woodworking Knives factory

Shanghai IKS Mechanilcal Blade Cot., LTD. is Woodworking Knives factory

One popular variant is the die


With a die-cut punch several patterns Slicing Knife manufacturer can be achieved. It requires less tape than an RSC, which reduces cost and labour, resulting in a more attractive finished look. It can be printed to your unique specification.. The construction creates a double wall container on three of the four sides resulting in a stronger box compared to a regular slotted carton (RSC).php. Some more benefits include: It is more attractive and offers more of a presentation box look.

A die-cutting box can be cut according to your dimensions to produce a flat shape that can be slotted together to create a box. Die-cutting is professional, easy and affordable. Since just one cutting tool is used in the making of the box, they work out less expensive. One popular variant is the die-cutting box. Since die-cut boxes are uniform in shape and style, they have an extremely professional look. Now that we’ve understood what die-cutting boxes are, let’s move on to the benefits. .

The variety is so vast that it almost becomes impossible to choose from. They have their own slots and tabs which keeps them permanently closed unless somebody opens them. Today, a range of packaging box options is available. Die cutting boxes are cardboard boxes that have been cut in a specific way with an industrial strength cutter.Retail products and food items require packaging that is efficient and beautifully packed. There is also less waste generated as the cutting is very accurate. You will not need any staple, tape or glue.sandstoneinternational. It is fast and simple, and most importantly works. With die-cutting, it is easy to achieve any shape, size and thickness. Print options include: Plain colour or colours Flexographic printing